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Energy Efficiency

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important consideration in any building, our new office is certainly no exception.

We have looked at all aspects of the building design and have been able to incorporate some innovative products to help us reduce our energy consumption.

Window glass - we have specified 13mm laminated glass which will help to reduce transference of heat & noise from the outside.

Insulation - Both the ceiling and wall cavities have been lined with the highest specification R3 insulation.

Lighting - We have decided to use natural lighting wherever possible. To help us meet this objective we have installed the latest in solar tube technology. The solar tubes will carry light through specially constructed ducting from the roof to the offices downstairs. Once complete, the ducting will be fully enclosed.

Each solar tube terminates with a diffuser which will enable us to rely on natural light for 70% of our requirements.

Solar Tube Ducting